Routinemeister is a dynamic Task Timer specifically built for those who struggle to stay focussed and need a flexible, straightforward way to structure their day.

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Built by a Medical Student

Do you feel like you have so many things to do, that you don't know where to start? Routinemeister can greatly enhance your productivity through the principle of task timing. Declutter your day with free time to spare. Made by, and for busy lives.

Easily structure your day

Routinemeister was carefully designed to be easy to understand and use. Intuitive and beautiful from the outside, powerful from the inside.

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Built-in Pomodoro Timer

A surprisingly effective way to retain focus and motivation. Routinemeister makes it super easy to implement Pomodoros into your daily routine.

Manage your routines

Add as many as you like.

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Get. Productive.

Just a click away.